How Viagra Effectively Treats Crohns Disease?

It is a well-known fact the Viagra helps treat ED problems. Nowadays, however, research has proved that it is also helpful in treating Crohn’s disease as it increases the blood flow within the body.
Viagra is a blue colored, diamond shaped pill. The main ingredient in this drug is Sildenafil Citrate. It is a well-known name as a treatment for erectile dysfunction or impotence. It addressed this issue of male impotence at the very first time and it proved that impotence is just like any physical condition that may be treated using medications. This drug is a PDE5 inhibitor which inhibits reduction of guanylate cyclase enzyme that is the reason for penile erections. This is due to the fact that relaxed penile muscle induces enhanced blood flow into corpus cavernosum by enlarging the penile area with blood. This results in a hardened and firm penis.
When you use this drug, it becomes very easy to get and maintain penile erection. Additionally, there are several diseases that are associated with nitric oxide and blood flow within the human body. This drug has recognized the necessity to have control over the human body fluids and has been capable of controlling it when desired. It is also known that this drug is a very good treatment to treat enlarged heart conditions. An amazing fact regarding this drug is that this compound was initially studied for treating heart-related disease. It was a chance discovery that it is highly effective at improving erectile dysfunctions.

How this Drug Works on Crohns Disease?
The mechanism of this drug is very effective due to the presence of Sildenafil Citrate. It could do what other drugs could never do. Gradually, researchers from all across the different parts of the globe have discovered that the potential that this wonder drug is capable of. It helps protect the heart from the damage caused by heart attacks and stroke. This drug has also been recommended for the rare heart condition, prescribed for women having diabetes and also to stimulate the brain functions. Recently, the latest malady being treated by Sildenafil Citrate is Crohn’s disease. This drug appears to be one magic pill made by Pfizer to heal human ailments.
Crohn’s disease happens to be a severe inflammatory disorder which causes ulcerations within the large and small intestines. It occurs whenever the body tissues get attacked via its own immune system. A study was published recently in The Lancet which mentions that this Crohn’s disease occurs due to a weakened immune response. This drug may be of great help during such conditions. A team of researchers from the University College in London, UK discovered a new cause for the inflammation caused in Crohn’s. The researchers tested the inflammatory response for bacteria through injecting the harmless Escherichia Coli bacteria beneath the skin for measuring blood flow change and local inflammation.
Their investigation proved that the patients suffering from Crohn’s had very less blood flow. Hence, they produced the lower quantity of inflammatory mediators and neutrophils. They suggested that this problem caused due to lesser blood flow may be treated using  Viagra. As per their researcher papers, the Crohn’s disease is characterized by a constitution having a very weak immune response. This predisposes an individual to accumulate intestinal contents which breach the intestines mucosal barriers of bowel walls. This causes granuloma formation with chronic inflammation. An increase in blood flow results in an increase in the body’s immune response and aids to treat Crohn’s disease.

Benefits of the Drug viagra

In the past, men all over the world who agonized from cheap ED had to suffer in secret because they were afraid of the psychological and social effects of their unusual disease. In a clearly male dominated societal infrastructure, they did not appreciate the feeling that they were inadequate to their female partners. When the drug was introduced, doctors began prescribing it and the results were nothing short of outstanding. The cheap medication has basically brought back a man’s self-esteem as he no longer needs to hide behind feelings of guilt and inadequacy for not being able to satisfy his better half in bed. As a matter of fact, relationships that were teetering on the edge of failure were practically saved by the medication. Women used to think that the reason why their husbands were not able to have an erection was that they were having an affair with another woman. Now they can rest easy because the mainstream popularity of the drug has brought the issue of erectile dysfunction into the light allowing people more knowledge and understanding about the disease. The medication was able to create a better awareness with regard to the sexual health of men also. Viagra as a drug has brought back the feeling of completeness to men who used to feel inadequate and insecure about their condition.

Cheap Viagra – The Magic Pill

November 13, 2013,|

Gone are the days when sexual impotence was considered as a social taboo. Most of the men would not even open the mouth or seek medical help. The introduction of Viagra has eliminated the social taboo associated with erectile dysfunction to an extent.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the major causes of sexual worries in most of the men. Erectile dysfunction is the condition where the penis of the person involved in the sexual act does not get erected which is necessary to be sexually gratified. Viagra offers a solution to the condition called erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by various reasons such as age catching up, the medical condition due to some accidents or illness in young people or psychological condition. Whatever be the reason impotency among male is very serious condition hampering their self-esteem to a large extent.